May 2018 Timeshare Datashare  

Economic Impact of the Hawaii Timeshare Industry 

Provided by ARDA International Foundation 

According to the latest Economic and Fiscal Impacts of the Hawaii Timeshare Industry report, in total, the Hawaii timeshare industry generated approximately $5.3 billion of economic output through industry operations, vacation expenditures and capital expenditures. Specifically within industry operations, resort operations’ direct output totaled $1.7 billion and indirect and induced output was $1.0 billion—resulting in a total contribution to Hawaii economic output of $2.6 billion. The output multiplier (a measure of the relative size of total impact to the direct impact) is 1.59.  In other words, each dollar of direct timeshare economic activity spurs $1.59 dollars of total Hawaii economic output.                                                              

                           201805 datashare   

Source: Economic and Fiscal Impacts of the Hawaii Timeshare Industry, 2017 Edition conducted for the AIF by Ernst & Young