March 2018 Timeshare Datashare   

Activity Participation on Last Timeshare Vacation   

Provided by ARDA International Foundation   

According to the 2016 Shared Vacation Ownership Owners Report, the activity that timeshare owners participated in the most while on their last timeshare vacation was shopping followed by sightseeing/tours and swimming/watersports/sunbathing.  Except for theme parks, experienced owners were more likely to be involved in a number of activities at higher levels than new first time owners, most notably with gambling, organized activities (adults and/or children), and sporting events.  New first time owners are defined as those who purchased a timeshare in 2013 or later at the time of survey and the purchase is the first timeshare purchase made.  Experienced owners are defined as timeshare owners excluding new first time owners. 

201803 datashare   

Source: Shared Vacation Ownership Owners Report 2016 Edition, prepared by Leger for the AIF