December 2018 Timeshare Datashare  

Q3 Timeshare Sales 

Provided by ARDA International Foundation 

According to the newly published 2018 Q3 AIF Pulse Survey, a total of 16 timeshare developers in active sales that provided sales information reported approximately $1,836.7 million in net originated timeshare sales (including telesales) in Q3 2018. This was a 7.3 percent increase in Q3 2018 when compared to Q3 2017, as reported by the same respondents. The net overall timeshare sales under the fee-for-service arrangements increased from $244.2 million in Q3 2017 to $259.2 million in Q3 2018, or an increase of 6.1 percent. When sales of timeshare under fee-for-service arrangements are combined with respondents’ sales of their own timeshare inventory, there was an increase of 7.1 percent in total net originated timeshare sales when compared to Q3 2017.


Source: 2018 Q3 Pulse Survey conducted by Deloitte for the AIF