AIF Qualification Test

ARDA offers the AIF Qualification Test (AQT) as a way to measure basic knowledge of the timeshare industry. Prepare by reviewing The Timeshare Industry Resource Manual thoroughly, then demonstrate your competency on a variety of industry essentials. Certificate of achievement issued when test is successfully completed can be displayed in an office.

Details about the test:
-On-line access from any Internet browser to test at your convenience
-75 multiple-choice questions
-First step towards earning the ARP or RRP industry designations
-Range of essential topics including:
    History of the industry 
    Project financing 
    Contracts and legal issues 
    Human resources 
    Exchange, rental, and resale 
    Regulatory environment 

A certificate of acknowledgement is sent to those who successfully complete the test, with special recognition given to high-scorers, and a complimentary year of ARDA Advantage membership is also awarded. Passing the AQT is a requirement for those wishing to pursue an ARP or RRP designation.

Visit the AIF Learning Center 

Order and complete the test today to begin your designation track or to further your industry knowledge and round out your expertise!