South Carolina Taxation Realignment Commission

South Carolina Capitol BuildingDuring the 2009 legislative session, the South Carolina legislature created the Tax Realignment Commission (TRAC) and empowered it to undertake a thorough assessment of the State‘s current tax structure to determine its adequacy, fairness, and efficiency (or lack thereof).  Throughout 2010, TRAC entertained various tax measures that would negatively affect the timeshare industry, including the following: i) the removal of the sales tax exemption the industry currently enjoys for the sale, resale, and exchange of timeshare interests (the same tax exemption that applies to all residential real property in the State of South Carolina), ii) the imposition of a transient accommodations tax on maintenance fees paid on all timeshare interests in South Carolina, and iii) the removal of the personal property tax exemption for fixtures, furnishings and equipment located in a timeshare unit.  The ARDA-Carolinas Committee and ARDA-ROC partnered to fight these measures at every opportunity and despite the fact that no governmental body or industry group testified in support of them, TRAC decided to include all three of the above-mentioned proposals in its final recommendation to the Legislature.  Fortunately for the industry these recommendations are non-binding on the Legislature, but rest assured that the ARDA-Carolinas Committee as well as ARDA-ROC will devote all of the necessary resources to ensuring that these recommendations do not become law in 2011 and beyond. 

The information below provides background information on TRAC's activities as they relate to the timeshare industry including a link to the TRAC Final Report.  Please keep checking back to the South Carolina state legislative page for updates on TRAC and other issues of importance.

Issue Background and Resource Documents

Final Report of TRAC Commission - December 14, 2010

  Documents from November 12, 2009 Meeting - (PDF format)

Local Accommodations and Hospitality Tax Subcommittee - August 27, 2010 - (PDF format)

Documents from October 7, 2010 Meeting - (PDF format)

Documents from October 28, 2010 Meeting - (PDF format)






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