Correction Enacted on 2007 Wisconsin Timeshare License Law


Issue Brief

Act 18 (2007 Senate Bill 11) became law in July 2007 and affected provisions related to timeshare licenses in Chapter 707. The Act repealed a 22-year old prohibition on the development of right-to-use timeshares in Wisconsin, expanding the types of timeshare interests that could be developed in the state.  However, some of the Act's language still referred to recording of the license as if it were a deeded interest.


A correction needed to made to clarify that timeshare licenses need not be recorded in order to be valid.


Act 133 of 2010 made a small, technical correction to Section 707.46(3)  of the Wisconsin statutes so that timeshare licenses remain valid in Wisconsin, without requiring recording of the license.  The original 2007 Act may be found here and the 2010 correction here.

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