UK Adopts New Timeshare, Holiday Product Regulations


Issue Brief

The Timeshare, Holiday Products, Resale and Exchange Contracts Regulations of 2010 were adopted by (laid in) by the United Kingdom Parliament on Wednesday December 15 and will take effect (come into force) on February 23, 2011.


The new UK regulations will implement the requirements of the European Union's Timeshare Directive and will also cover exchange companies and resale organizations. The Directive was expanded to address shortfalls in consumer protection and was a direct response to a significant increase in complaints about long-term holiday clubs and resale companies.

Position/Call to Action

The Resort Development Organisation (RDO) (the European counterpart to ARDA) fully supports the new Timeshare Directive and believes that common rules across Europe will establish fair trading and encourage greater growth within the shared ownership industries.  Furthermore, RDO believes consumer confidence will increase as potential purchasers understand they are offered similar levels of protection throughout Europe. The protections may also apply if they are buying in a country outside the EU in certain circumstances.


The EU Timeshare Directive is a maximum harmonization Directive, meaning that EU Member States are obligated to implement it in national law in a way that does not exceed or fall below the Directive’s requirements. These include a 14-calendar day cooling-off period and an absolute ban on any payments (deposits) made during the cooling-off period. In addition, disclosure and language requirements have been updated.  In addition to the UK, France has implemented the Directive and others are finalizing their laws such as Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland, Finland, and Spain.  All EU members must implement the Directive by the February 23, 2011 deadline.  A full copy of the UK Regulation is available here.

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