Wisconsin Non-Judicial Foreclosure Bill Expected in 2 Weeks


Issue Brief

ARDA-ROC and ARDA-Wisconsin expect to see introduction of legislation permitting non-judicial foreclosure for timeshare mortgages and owners’ association assessment liens in about two weeks.  


While ARDA-Wisconsin and ARDA-ROC have been working with their attorneys and lobbyists to encourage legislators' support for timeshare non-judicial foreclosure legislation throughout 2011, ARDA member resorts in Wisconsin will be asked to assist in supporting the bill by contacting their legislators during October.  The preliminary version of the Wisconsin bill may be found here.

Position/Call to Action

ARDA-Wisconsin and ARDA-ROC, represented by Foley & Lardner, have discussed the proposed non-judicial foreclosure language with key lawmakers in both the Assembly and Senate.  Once the legislation is formally introduced, timeshare owners' support will be important to achieving enactment.  Timeshare owners, managers, and others may sign up for legislative alerts by using the email form on the ARDA-ROC website.  The final version of the bill will be posted here with information on how to contact Wisconsin legislators when the bill is formally introduced.  In the meantime, basic background information on why non-judicial foreclosure is important to timeshare associations in particular is available on this website.

Issue Updates

Due to all the budgeting debates and Recall Election controversy that threw the Legislature into turmoil in 2011, progress on the bill has been much slower than expected.  However, with the help of timeshare owners and member resorts in Wisconsin, ARDA-Wisconsin and ARDA-ROC expect to urge enactment of the legislation.  Fortunately, considerable groundwork has been laid with legislators and other interested parties. Be on the lookout for an action request on this legislation during October from either ARDA-ROC or your own timeshare owners' association.  Your quick action will help ensure the bill's passage and the saving of time and money on foreclosure actions in the future!

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