Hawaii House Finance Committee Passes Timeshare Tax


Issue Brief

Early Saturday morning, after hearing testimony against the bill from numerous timeshare owners, timeshare managers, timeshare developers, and other interested parties, the House Finance Committee voted 14-1 (with 3 yes votes voting with reservations) to pass a temporary increase in taxes for timeshare owners.


HB 809 HD2 would not directly increase taxes on timeshare developers, but instead would increase the tax an owner would pay on a $1,000 maintenance fee from $36.25 to $46.25--a 27.5% increase.  Of course, this means that the total maintenance fee obligation for current owners and future purchasers will rise, causing potential issues at the sales table and beyond.

Position/Call to Action

While ARDA-ROC testified against the passage of the measure, the 27.5% increase is significantly lower than the previous 300% proposal that was included as part of the initial tax package heard by the House Tourism Committee.  The bill will now move to the House floor for a vote, and if passed by the House the bill will move over to the Senate for consideration.  ARDA-ROC, as well as ARDA-Hawaii, is committed to fight any tax increase on timeshare owners and will continue to communicate via the ardaroc.org website as to how you can help.

Issue Updates

Please continue to check back to www.ardaroc.org for continue updates on this and other issues in Hawaii.

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