Texas Condo Association Registration Bill Dead


Issue Brief

Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon (District 120, San Antonio) introduced HB 2328 which would have required registration for condominium associations as well as property owners associations subject to Chapter 209 (from which timeshares are exempt).  The bill died in the Texas House.


HB 2328 would require registration (and annual renewal) of condominium and property owners' association boards with the Texas Finance Commission, which could investigate complaints against the boards.  In addition, owner assessments would have to be placed in a trust account, among other requirements.

Position/Call to Action

ARDA and ARDA-ROC had observers at the first hearing on HB 2328 on March 28 in the House Business and Industry Committee to learn more about the reasoning behind the bill and its supporters and opponents.  ARDA-ROC had concerns that the bill would impose additional costs and burdens on timeshare condominium associations which are unnecessary, given the annual financial disclosure requirements already imposed under the Texas Timeshare Act (Chapter 221).  Timeshare associations that are NOT organized as condominiums appeared to be excluded from the bill.


Although reported favorably from the House Business & Industry Committee, HB 2328 never left the Texas House for consideration in the Senate.

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Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon (District 120, San Antonio) condo association registration bill, HB 2328, died on the Calendar in the Texas House and never was considered by the Senate.