HI Timeshare Owner Tax Dies in Conference Committee


Issue Brief

In a move that was applauded by timeshare owners and the timeshare industry alike, the joint House and Senate Conference Committee considering amendments to SB1186 agreed to omit the 27.5% increase in transient accommodation taxes paid by timeshare owners. This was a result of countless communications from timeshare owners to legislators over the past 3 months,  intense lobbying efforts by industry participants and their employees, and the strong support of legislators who understand all of the benefits that timeshare brings to Hawaii.


Assuming the Legislature accepts the recommendations of the Joint Conference Committee, timeshare owners will not see an increase in the rate used to calculate transient accommodations taxes paid to the State of Hawaii in 2012.

Issue Updates

Now that SB1186 is out of the conference committee it will be transmitted to both the House and the Senate for a final vote.  We will keep watching SB1186 until its final passage on Thursday to ensure the timeshare tax provisions are not included in the final version.  Please check back to www.ardaroc.org for additional updates.

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