Virginia Timeshare Consumer Protection Bill Passes House


Issue Brief

This week, HB 233 passed the House of Delegates. In summary, HB 233 proposes greater consumer disclosure by requiring any reseller, defined in the bill, of a timeshare in Virginia to be registered with the Common Interest Community Board and therefore subject to the regulatory authority of the Board. The bill also requires timeshare resellers to make written disclosures to purchasers concerning the timeshare being resold and requires that a separate buyer's acknowledgment form must be provided to each timeshare purchaser disclosing certain information, including whether or not the developer owns a buyback program and making it clear that the purchaser is buying a time-share for personal use, rather than investment purposes or resale potential.


If passed, HB 233 will provide consumers with reliable information about their timeshare purchase and the secondary marketplace. It will also subject timeshare resellers to a stronger regulatory standard. ARDA-ROC supports transparency in both the buying and selling process. 

Position/Call to Action

ARDA-ROC is actively lobbying on behalf of HB 233 in conjunction with the Virginia Resort Development Association (VRDA). 

Issue Updates

After passing the House of Delegates, HB 233 moved to the Senate and awaits committee assignment. will provide updates when they are available. 

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