Hawaii Senate Land Court Bill Moves Through Committees


Issue Brief

SB 2632 was introduced into the Hawaii legislature by Senator Baker and is supported by ARDA-Hawaii and ARDA-ROC. The bill expedites the process of moving all timeshare interests into public records by automatically deregistering those that currently reside in Land Court. The bill has already passed its three assigned Senate committees and will move to the Senate floor.


SB 2632 would benefit timeshare owners by reducing the time and costs associated with not only the deregistration process, but also any future transfer of the interest, either from the purchase of a timeshare interest from a developer or a purchase of a timeshare on the resale market. There is also an administrative benefit to this bill by making it easier for owners to transfer or sell their timeshare faster and with less paperwork. 

Position/Call to Action

Both ARDA-Hawaii and ARDA-ROC are actively supporting this bill as it benefits both the industry and the local timeshare owners. 

Issue Updates

SB 2632 first passed the Commerce and Consumer Committee with amendments on February 10, followed by the Judiciary and Labor Committee on February 14 finally passed its last Senate Committee, Ways and Means, on February 24. The bill will now move to the Senate floor for a vote. To follow the bill’s history and to track the bill as it moves through the Senate click hereSB 2632 has no House companion. 

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