NH Bill Proposes Property Management Certification For Timeshare Managers


Issue Brief

HB 463, recently introduced in New Hampshire, proposes mandatory certification for property management activity. Certification would be required through the Community Associations Institute (CAI). There is no grandfathering for existing management relationships, but the bill exempts association support staff including bookkeepers, administrative assistants, secretaries, property inspectors, or customer service representatives who perform functions not otherwise qualifying as property management under the bill. Certification through CAI generally requires an exam, application and annual renewal fees, and sometimes fingerprinting/background documentation and/or some continuing education component. 


The proposed CAI certification requirement would cost timeshare property managers time and money for a curriculum that does not provide the unique set of tools a timeshare manager needs to succeed.

Position/Call to Action

While ARDA-ROC generally does not oppose legislation that requires professional certifications for timeshare property managers, ARDA-ROC is working to ensure that the proposed legislation either exempts property managers operating in the timeshare industry or requires the proper certification given the unique needs of timeshare versus whole ownership property management. ARDA-ROC believes that ARDA’s RRP designation provides a better alternative to CAI certification for property managers operating in the timeshare industry since it requires demonstration of knowledge of issues unique to timeshare property management.

Issue Updates

The bill has been referred to the Executive Departments and Administration Committee.

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