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Happy New Year from Howard

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Happy New Year from Howard 

By Howard Nusbaum

December 21, 2011

Happy New Year

As I was packing for my own holiday vacation last night, I got to thinking about the excitement that comes with the final preparation for a family holiday—the sense of adventure, freedom, and anticipation that feels a bit like the first hill of a really fun roller coaster! The pleasure in knowing that the next seven days are being spent with the ones you love, the people that make all the hard work in life worth it. It’s also all about breaking the routines of your daily life and making the small things large— things like connecting with the people and feelings most important to you.

I think this is also how our timeshare consumers feel as they embark on their vacations at wonderful resorts around the world. In our industry, we are the creators of these important memories for millions of families like yours and mine, which makes me love even more what we do as our core business: resort development. We should never forget that the thousands of people who comprise this wonderful industry get to be the “chefs” of the vacations du jour, and how fortunate we are.

So, my holiday challenge to you is to “walk the walk” of better vacationing. Take the time this holiday to plan that getaway with the ones you love. Make it a priority to stop and appreciate the small things and do what all satisfied timeshare owners do—plan a better vacation!

Happy New Year and best wishes for a successful and rejuvenating 2012!  


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