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What Does International Travel Mean for Vacation Ownership?

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What Does International Travel Mean for Vacation Ownership? 

 2014 Economic Impact.

Vacations and travel is our business. It was a topic of an Ipsos study at the recent Shared Ownership Investment Conference in Miami last October, it will be the basis for many educational sessions at ARDA World 2015 in Orlando on April 12-16, and it continues to drive developers and resort operators around the globe to conduct research on “why we travel.” 

According to the Ipsos/TripAdvisor study “TripBarometer 2015: Psychology of Travel Global Report” (September 2014), there are three compelling motivators for why people travel:

  1. Enhancing perspectives - travelers want to have unique and interesting experiences on vacation.
  2. Liberation – the need to enjoy life to the fullest, to let go and feel carefree.
  3. Immersion – diving into local culture and meeting new people and creating memories.

From research to personal experience to new vacation products and services, these are important discussions happening at all levels within the hospitality industry. Join the conversation and the group of influencers driving the future of vacation ownership into the future at ARDA World 2015


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