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Research on Non-Owners Shows Vacation Priorities Similar to Owners

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Research on Non-Owners Shows Vacation Priorities Similar to Owners 

March 12, 2012

AIF Research

Our industry may be familiar with the benefits that timeshare owners credit to their vacation products, but are these benefits similar to the vacation priorities of non-owners?   

Reflecting back on the 2011 ARDA International Foundation's Prospect Study, non-owners cited price, quality of resort, and destination as vacation benefits of highest importance. This isn’t surprising to owners who value a regular vacation and know that they’ll get a quality stay every time they vacation with timeshare, but to people unfamiliar with how the products work, this presents a promising opportunity.   

Also of interest from the study were the categories of non-owners by vacation type:  Relaxers, Adventurers, Social Vacationers, and Simplifiers. This shows the power of industry researchto learn how to improve our products and understand our consumers better.  We’ve already seen developers extend rental packages as a way to test the product, transition to points-based systems so that owners have access to more destination choices, and customize vacation packages to appeal to more consumers. Look to AIF to publish more compelling studies in the months to come, including the first worldwide study in over a decade. 


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