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Spotlight: Brazil & Colombia

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Spotlight: Brazil & Colombia


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Just a couple of years ago, Brazil was the darling of the global economy.  Today, Brazil is facing some tougher times through political turmoil, a high inflation rate and a high unemployment rate.   Marcos Agostini, Interval International’s senior vice president of resort sales and business development for Latin America, has confidence that what has come down will eventually go back up, saying he is “positive the tourism sector will expand in 2016.”

There are many factors contributing to Brazil’s rebound.  First, there’s the drop in value of the Real—Brazil’s currency—which is less expensive for in-bound international visitors. It also makes Brazilian real estate more attractive to investors. Brazil is also set to host the 2016 summer Olympics, providing positive exposure to the country.  With a population of more than 200 million and an important middle class, there’s widespread opportunity for development.


Considered one of the world’s most bio diverse places, Colombia has a lot to offer—with Caribbean and Pacific beaches, scenic Andean mountains, and cosmopolitan cities for shopping and dining. However, Colombia is often generalized as an unsafe travel destination due to its past, but improved security has already resulted in a boom in tourism, and continuing this could clear the way for the industry to grow exponentially.

In 2010, just 2.6 million travelers visited Colombia, but in 2014, that figure almost doubled to 4.9 million, according to ProColombia, the government’s tourism promotion agency. It hopes to welcome 6 million visitors ready to spend $6 billion by 2018. Timesharing is poised to attract its share of travelers, both domestic and international, says Agostini. “We’re very excited about Colombia. The infrastructure has improved, and we’re finally seeing investments come to fruition.”

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