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Timeshares Lead to More Frequent, Happier Vacations

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Timeshares Lead to More Frequent, Happier Vacations

-- Peter Roth, ARDA VP Marketing & Communications

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What has happened to vacation? Or as the Time Magazine asked “Who Killed the Summer Vacation?” Our recent survey results show that it’s definitely not the timeshare owner!

In fact, an impressive one-third of timeshare owners have taken four or more vacations in the last three years alone. This is quite telling when compared to non-timeshare owners--only 18% have taken four or more vacations in the last three years. With today’s hectic lifestyle it is becoming even more important for people to get away and experience a relaxing vacation.

Furthermore, timeshare owners say they experience a happier, more relaxing time while away. When compared to non-owners, timeshare owners experience more happiness in each of the seven distinct vacation lifecycle phases, from planning the vacation to the first day all the way to the afterglow that the vacation leaves when it’s over.

A better vacation experience with timeshares comes from the ease of planning, spacious accommodations, and the choice of resorts all over the world. To find out on how you can experience more and happier vacations, check out VacationBetter.org!