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Timeshare Industry Goes Green

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Timeshare Industry Goes Green 

By Franz Hanning President and CEO of Wyndham Vacation Club and ARDA Chairman
ARDA Guest Blogger
August 8, 2014 

Go Green

The topic of environmentally-sustaining practices is often discussed within our industry as it relates to the lifecycle of vacation ownership products.  I firmly believe that our industry is a leader when it comes to “going green.”  Re-using and recycling to avoid waste and pollution in addition to adding in-unit energy efficient and water-saving devices, are at the forefront of new timeshare construction and renovations around the world.  Continuing to incorporate and expand upon these sustainable practices well into the future will be the key to our success.

We’re also seeing that social responsibility plays an important role in emerging trends within the hospitality industry as Deidre Schwartz, Director of Merchandising, American Hotel Register Company highlights in a recent issue of Developments.  “We want to do business with people who share this same ‘caring’ commitment,” said Schwartz.

As our industry continues to grow and make investments in greener resort amenities and technologies—we need to keep the next generation of sustainability top of mind.  And now more than ever, as you will read in this issue, the best is yet to come.  For an in-depth look at eco-friendly happenings in the industry, check out Developments!



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