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The Dog Days of Summer

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The Dog Days of Summer 

By Howard Nusbaum, President, ARDA

Beach Boy

For many traveling families, summer vacations have a lasting impact on childhood memories. For parents, building vacation memories with our kids is an important touchstone – it is shared family time that creates emotional bonds and special memories for the entire family. And most adults look back on their earliest vacation memories with affection.  To get the other side of the story, U.S. Travel’s Project: Time Off Coalition recently held a few focus groups that poll kids, asking what they think about their parent’s travel habits.

This comes on the heels of multiple surveys and research indicating that many Americans don’t use all of their vacation days each year—that’s 429 million people, to be exact! It is a trend that has put up alarming numbers over the past decade despite evidence proving that vacations are good for your relationships, job performance, mental stamina and overall health. The Project: Time Off Coalition has launched several initiatives to buck this trend, and we’re hopeful the focus groups will lead to better understanding the disconnect between needing a vacation and actually taking one.

With only two weeks left of the official summer season, many of you are either stealing away to enjoy the last few precious days or are already looking back on your vacation with fondness and longing. I invite you to take the #vacationpledge and share a favorite memory about what keeps you traveling every year!


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