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The Best of the Season

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The Best of the Season

By Howard Nusbaum 

best of THE SEASON  

It’s summer time, which for millions of Americans means vacations. And for our industry, this means show-time as we deliver on the dream of better vacationing for our consumers. That is if they take their earned vacation time. 

There is good news on that front. Project: Time Off found that Americans are now using more vacation time than they have in the past decade, according to their latest report The State of American Vacation 2017. This is, of course, great news for our industry.

Even with American travel being up, our ARDA advocates have remained busy this past legislative season trying to ensure this trend continues. I’d like to share some State Affairs advocacy successes and recognize the achievements and progress our advocates have made on your behalf.

It was a busy year around the country, with bills and issues in dozens of states and jurisdictions, which tallied up an impressive list of successes. For example, in a recent Florida win, legacy resorts will now have more tools at their disposal, such as more achievable extensions to timeshare plans and important product definitions now memorialized in state law.

In South Carolina, we passed a successful piece of legislation that helps timeshare owners and their HOAs stay safe from transfer and resale scams. And in Hawaii, we were able to protect consumer privacy by protecting the integrity of timeshare owners’ lists.

Looking to the Caribbean region, we mitigated onerous tax issues on behalf of timeshare owners in the USVI, while also working diligently on behalf our owners and industry in Puerto Rico and St. Marten. These are just a few of the successes that our State Affairs team have accomplished in the past year.

With these successes, we hope to make vacationing with timeshare better for each and every one of our consumers. We want to make sure that vacation usage continues to rise, while preventing any obstacles that could interfere with your vacations. So, go take your vacation this summer, I know I am looking forward to soaking up a wonderful summer right alongside our consumers!