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Get Involved With ARDA!

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Get Involved With ARDA! 

By Don Harrill, Chairman of ARDA

December 21, 2012 


One of ARDA’s strategic initiatives is to help promote our industry. As we all know, this is a big job. Based on all of the misinformation and negative perceptions about timeshare that exist, it’s also a very important job.

That’s where you come in. Working with the ARDA team to provide user stories, photos, trends, and story ideas benefits all of us. And our fantastic communications committee has done a lot of this over the past year.

For those who may not already be aware, the committee has been pursuing a strategy of “humanizing” vacation ownership through the Faces of Timeshare initiative. Its goal is to bring more of a public face to the caring and compassionate people within our industry.

The program highlights remarkable philanthropic efforts of individuals and developers. The committee is also profiling superior employee service stories that make vacations memorable for our owners. Taken together, these programs enable the public to see the good work taking place through the eyes of everyday people while reinforcing the image of the developers behind them.

VacationBetter.org, the owner-centric arm of ARDA, has also been the driving force behind the Timeshare Fans program. It encourages developers to videotape their owners telling, in their own words, how much they enjoy their timeshare products. The program is targeting a variety of resort brands, demographics, regions, and stories to fully represent the broad choice timeshare offers.

Additionally, this group has launched a Pinterest account to visually pique consumer awareness of the benefits of vacation ownership while driving click-through traffic to participating developers. This site is becoming a very important tool to drive web traffic to key online marketing and educational resources. Such a collaboration could lead to further shared initiatives within our association that will help strengthen the industry overall.

ARDA works hard to advance a positive reputation and image of the timeshare experience as we strive to appeal to a wider public audience—let’s all come together in this great effort! 

Note: This blog post is based on a November/December 2012 Developments magazine article.    


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