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Timeshare Owners Buck Vacation Deprivation Trend

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Timeshare Owners Buck Vacation Deprivation Trend 

Sunset Dock

"Who Killed Summer Vacation?”  

“Life In A No-Vacation Nation.”  

“Americans Leave Paid Vacation Days on the Table Each Year.” 

These are headlines that have dominated news coverage over the last several months. And the statistics are just as depressing: 429 million vacation days unused, $224 billion in unused vacation liability on the U.S. private sector, the average U.S. worker takes almost a week less vacation per year today than they did between 1976 and 2000. However, we are also seeing what our industry and others in the broader travel industry are doing to change the American mindset that vacations aren’t just a luxury but a necessity. From commissioning research and studies to launching advertising campaigns and program initiatives, hospitality leaders everywhere are making the commitment to help change the way vacation is viewed in this country.

In the August feature story of Developments, Geri Bain explores what timeshare owners have known for years: vacations are good for you. “Vacation On My Mind” shares some of the quantifying research illustrating the various benefits of vacationing—including the role that timeshare owners are playing to help buck the vacation deprivation trend. While we’ve known for years that the pre-paid nature of our products ensure that owners actually take their vacations, we are now learning that the benefits owners gain from vacationing far outweigh the price paid for a vacation. Slowly but surely we are starting to see other leisure-impacted industries taking note of the effect vacationing has on lifestyle, productivity, relationships and health.

Read the full article here and take the #VacationPledge with us.


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