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Winning with Wellness

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Winning with Wellness 

By Sandra Guerra, Director of HR, Wyndham Vacation Ownership 


The timeshare industry is perfectly positioned to be the MVPs of Wall Street through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies. One aspect of CSR that has the potential to drive results is having a wellness strategy that is aligned with the values of the organization, something Wyndham Vacation Ownership does exceptionally well. 

Organizations with a strong commitment to wellness promote greater employee productivity. The Integrated Benefits Institute found that when a company commits to wellness it had employees who were actively engaged in their work, spent greater time working, produced fewer errors, and greater concentration.

At Wyndham Vacation Ownership, for example, health coaches have been instrumental in establishing a wellness culture. According to Kristin Kubas, vice president of benefits at Wyndham Worldwide: “Health coaches are set up to have the same services across the business and are the best option when the population is not large enough for a full service clinic. In addition to the benefits of lifestyle coaching, these coaches have contributed to the overall wellness program through education and promotion, further fostering the culture of wellness within each location. The benefits of health coaches far exceed the cost savings by impacting our most valuable resource, our employees.”

The timeshare industry serves society by providing experiences that impact societal wellness. Embracing the purpose and potential of our business to positively impact the lives of our people and community creates shared values, and ultimately impacts organizational performance. By aligning our values with wellness, we are attracting and creating opportunities for our consumers, employees, and our companies to achieve its fullest potential. One might say that is a win-win-win situation! 

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