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Ready to Roll: ARDA-WIN to Focus on People with Disabilities in 2017

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 Ready to Roll 

ARDA-WIN to Focus on People with Disabilities in 2017   

By Judy Kenninger 

 benedict of trekkable

Rarely has an ARDA World session stirred its audience like the 2016 Lion’s Den program, when representatives from tech start-ups pitched their ideas a la Shark Tank. One of the entrepreneurs featured, Benedict Jones, was developing a website with property ratings for an audience he’s a part of: travelers with disabilities.

The inspiration for Trekkable.co, Jones’ company, was in the difficulties Jones faced travelling in a wheelchair. At times, he has had to switch properties because the only accessible room was already sold to another guest.

Jones’ story resonated with Sarah King, executive vice president, human resources, Wyndham Vacation Ownership.  “As leader of the ARDA-WIN Committee’s Diversity and Inclusion Content Group, I saw this as an important constituency for our group to reachout to,” said King. “After getting the group’s buy-in, we’ve made this our focus area for 2017.” 

Jones was the keynote speaker at ARDA-WIN’s  Orlando regional meeting (Thursday and Friday, January 26-27, 2017), where the group assisted with a forum on the topic at the upcoming ARDA World convention in New Orleans.

According to King, opening our hearts and doors to people with disabilities is not just the right thing to do from a moral perspective; it’s also the right idea for our businesses.

To learn more about Jones and strategies to help with the inclusion of travelers with disabilities be sure to check out the January edition of Developments Magazine and join us at this year’s ARDA World to learn more about this topic and much more!


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