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ARDA Spirit

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ARDA Spirit 

By Jenny Davlin

 2017 ty

One of the best parts about being a member of ARDA is our community. Whether you focus on the regulatory and advocacy aspect or find value through AIF research and education, the ARDA community belongs to all members. And there was no better sense of this community spirit than at this year’s ARDA World 2017. 

Everywhere you looked, there was greatness being shown by our members. 

They tirelessly volunteered, attended meetings, and contributed to the core work of task forces, committees, and councils. The Awards Gala recognized and celebrated many of the exceptional people, products, and passion in the industry. And the remarkable speakers and top-notch parties created an environment where every ARDA member in attendance benefited, learned, and laughed.

There is a common belief among our members that change brings positive opportunities for our timeshare owners and our businesses, and there were some significant changes during this ARDA World. We said good-bye to the outstanding leadership of past Chairman Weisz and welcomed Chairman Wang who will guide us for the next two years. Our foundations are strong and growth continues—all positive signs for our members.

We want to thank you for your membership and continued support! Our team continues to value your feedback and appreciates your contributions. We look forward to seeing many of you at our regional meetings, Fall Conference and other events.

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