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Faces from the Frontline: Secondary Market Scams

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Faces from the Frontline: Secondary Market Scams 

2018 faces 

Since its inception, ARDA has been well-known for tremendous advocacy efforts for the timeshare industry and consumers, stemming from ARDA’s foundation of legislative and regulatory procedures.

To provide even more consumer focus, the ARDA-Resort Owners’ Coalition (ARDA-ROC)—an alliance of more than 1.6 million timeshare owners, developers, and resort managers—works to advocate for public policy positions that protect the interests of individual timeshare owners, preserve the integrity of vacation products, and enhance the vacation purchase.

Unfortunately, wherever a market exists, deceptive or fraudulent activity can also be present. The same is true for the timeshare resale or secondary market – but our team is working endlessly to protect our owners.

ARDA and ARDA-ROC consistently work to ensure that the vacation ownership experience remains preserved and protected through robust advocacy efforts with state and federal governments, as well as providing industry education to the media, financial advisors, members, owners, other associations, and consumers across the globe. 

While ARDA and ARDA-ROC continuously work with legislative and regulatory agencies to protect against frauds and scams, it is important to remind our consumers to be equally as vigilant. This means researching any company in the secondary market and being on the lookout for these six red flags:  

  1. Being contacted unsolicited by a company regarding the sale of your timeshare or the elimination of maintenance fees; 
  2.  Receiving an offer that sounds too good to be true (it likely is); 
  3. Getting asked to pay a large up-front fee for a future “service”; 
  4.  Learning of any promises to modify or cancel your timeshare contractual obligations; 
  5. Receiving any call or mailing offer to transfer your paid-off ownership to another party; and 
  6. Receiving a call or letter from someone claiming to be a representative of ARDA or ARDA-ROC (ARDA and ARDA-ROC don’t contact owners unless first requested by the owner to do so; ARDA and ARDA-ROC do not perform any resale services).  

For more information on ARDA and ARDA-ROC efforts in resale legislation, owner protections and ways to stay vigilant against fraud, visit www.arda-roc.org.  

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