Staff Listing

ARDA staff is committed to making your membership valuable and useful. Contact any staff member directly for assistance. 

Senior Staff  

Howard C. Nusbaum, RRP
President and Chief Executive Officer

Sandra DePoy, RRP
Senior Vice President, Federal Affairs

Rob Dunn, RRP
Vice President, Finance & Administration

Catherine Lacey, RRP
Vice President, Meetings & Member Administration

Peter Roth
Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Industry Relations

Jenny Davlin, RRP
Vice President, Membership Experience and Development

Darla S. Zanini RRP
Executive Vice President, ARDA International Foundation

Robert Clements
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs



Lalita Bhulipongsanon
Coordinator, Sales & Membership

Charles Brown 
Office Manager

May Crowley, ARP
Executive Assistant

Rich Doherty
Director, Accounting

Kennisha Fox
Accounting Assistant

Brian Kaltenbaugh
Director, Information Technology

Jamie Loper
Coordinator, Marketing & Communication

Charlene Manchester
Director, Marketing & Communication

Kathryn Mullan 
Sr. Editor & Director of Publications

Katelyn Reitz
Manager, Sales & Marketing

Adrienne L. Riley RRP
Director, Data Integrity

Kevin Riley, RRP
Director, Federal Legislation & ARDA-ROC

Julie Schwartz
Customer Service Representative

Elise Stephens
Manager, Educational Programming 

Chris Stewart, RRP
Director, State Government Affairs (Florida Office)

Maria Uribe
Office Manager, State Government Affairs (Florida Office)

Justin Vermuth
Director, State Government Affairs (Florida Office)

Lan Wang, RRP  
Research Director

Zijia Zhu
Manager, Accounting and Benefit Administration