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 HOA Outreach

Welcome to the HOA Outreach Committee’s resource website, a resource to assist in the professional management and operation of your association. The purpose is to provide information about timeshare plan owners associations, their officers, directors, and individual owner members, as well as to assist HOA Board of Directors and Board officers in their efforts to oversee or partner with a professional manager or management company in the successful operation of a vacation resort property.

There are approximately 1600 timeshare/vacation ownership resorts in the United States. These collectively represent 9.6 million households. Timeshare plan owners and the owner associations to which they belong are important and vital stakeholders in the timeshare industry.

The goal of the members of ARDA’s HOA Outreach Committee is to provide a general resource for the industry’s single-site, sold-out resort homeowners’ association board members with the collective wisdom from shared experiences in the operations of a resort property.    


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the ARDA Home Owners’ Association Outreach Committee (1) to foster and promote the understanding and development of the industry’s owners’ associations, their officers & directors, and individual owner members, and (2) to serve these same entities through education, directed outreach, communications, committee and task force efforts, and advocacy.

Experience Has Taught Me

Click below for a series of educational articles from an industry pioneer, trainer, and mentor, Jerry Sikes, CHA/ RRP of PRO Management and Scottsdale Camelback Resort. 

Article: My Experience with Annual Assessments 

Article: With Regard to Aging 

Article: With Regard to Micromanagement 


ARDA Home Owners Association (HOA) Current Member Directory 

Association: Whether referenced as your home owner association (HOA), property owners association (POA), condominium owners association (COA), common interest community (CIC), or a similar name, these are the non-profit entities created for the purpose of acting as the owners association for the operation, maintenance, and management of a vacation ownership/timeshare plan located within the state of its development and under whose laws or statutes the incorporation was formed. The timeshare plan members/owners are usually legally required to belong to their association and pay annual maintenance fees during the time of ownership. 

The vacation ownership/timeshare plan owners’ associations are recognized by the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) and the HOA Outreach Committee as key stakeholders in our industry. As important partners within the ARDA community, ARDA created a special membership class and discounted membership dues for home owner associations. We welcome over 250 current and active association members that participate within ARDA. 

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Mission Statement

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