ARDA Awards Program Helpful Hints

This page is meant to offer helpful hints for the submission of awards entries and applicable forms. If you have additional questions, please contact Catherine Lacey at

Getting Started

Read through this year’s Awards Nomination Guide for descriptions of the various awards divisions and specific categories. You can submit as many entries as you like, but it is best to nominate only those people, products or properties that you believe are truly outstanding.

Writing the Narratives 

After selecting the categories in which you would like to participate, the next step is to write your narratives. Sample narratives for each division (except ACE) can be found here (insert link to sample page). Since the judges cannot visit your properties or meet your staff, they rely on the description within your narratives to evaluate your nominations. Narratives can be anywhere from 1-4 pages in length (with the exception of ACE categories which may be 1-8 pages in length). Answer all questions as outlined in the Nomination Guide. Each questions accounts for a certain percentage of the nomination’s final score, so it is important to answer each question as fully as possible. It is a good idea to contact supervisors, peers and subordinates of any individual that you nominate. These are all great resources for information that will be helpful when writing your narratives. Where appropriate, make sure to include statistics, budgets, costs and innovative ideas and/or unique challenges or situations.

Collateral Pieces

Each division requires certain collateral materials. For the Management & Administration Division, the only collateral required is a photo of the nominee. For the Marketing & Sales Division, a photo of the nominee and the Form C (where applicable) are required.

For the Advertising, Promotion & Communications Division, it is important to include samples of the product that you are nominating. Imagine the judges’ are your target consumer audience—let them see exactly what you would show the public.

For the Resort Design Division, photo boards showing the design, refurbishment or architecture that you are nominating are required. It is best to include a few really terrific photos, than many photos which are lesser quality. Remember that Resort Design Division Finalists and Winners will have one of their photos displayed at ARDA World. Be sure to indicate which electronic photo you would like us to use by naming that picture “Display”.


Forms and Submissions 

Every nomination requires a Nomination Entry Form. The person who you list on the form as the “Nominator”, is the person who will receive all communication in regards to your nominations. Please make sure to put the appropriate person here so that your company does not miss important communications such as finalist announcements and details on ordering certificates and medallions.

ACE, Marketing & Sales and Management & Administration Divisions will all be submitted electronically, no hard copy submissions for these categories will be accepted. Please see the Nomination Entry Form or individual division information for details on who to email your entries to and what needs to be included.

Advertising, Promotion & Communications and Resort Design Divisions will all be submitted as hard copies. Please see the Nomination Entry Form or individual division information for details on submission for these divisions. 

 Sample Narratives

Sample narratives are available to help with submission of nominations for the ARDA Awards program.

 Awards Judging

Be an ARDA Awards Judge today!