2018 FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Who are my ARDA contacts? 

Here is a list of all ARDA Departments and the appropriate staff liaisons who are happy to help you.

What is ARDA’s event schedule?  

Visit the Upcoming Meetings page to see the latest and register online.

How do I get the ARDA logo and membership list?  

Email us and simply request the desired item.

What does the membership list include?  

The list includes the main corporate contact for ARDA’s nearly 750 members, their title, mailing address, phone, fax, URL.

How many Developments subscriptions do I get?  

Each corporate member is eligible to designate up to five*contacts to receive monthly issues of Developments magazine. Class 1-4 members are eligible for extra issues, please contact us to find out how many. *Additional subscriptions available upon request. 

How do I find out whether there are ARDA members that offer the product or service I am looking for?  

Search our Resort Buyers Marketplace.

How do I get extra membership certificates?  

Please fill out the duplicate certificate order form and we will process your certificates. To request an additional certificate order form please call 202-371-6700 or email membership@arda.org.

What is Chairman’s League and Trustee Membership? Who belongs?  

Chairman’s League is our first level of VIP membership and members receive a range of benefits, including use of the VIP lounges and a listing in Developments. Trustee membership is the highest level of membership and members receive additional benefits, including exclusive networking events and high-level access to the top industry players. VIP Members range from developers to vendors, legal and finance professionals, designers and more. For more details visit our VIP membership page.

Can individuals join ARDA?  

If you are employed by an ARDA corporate member in good standing, you may join as an ARDA-WIN Advantage member. This program supports the business needs of timeshare professionals. You may participate in four areas of interest – sales/marketing, finance/accounting, legal/regulatory and resort management.

Benefits include: subscription to Developments magazine, publication and merchandise discounts, advance information on ARDA affinity programs and one-quarter point credit annually toward your ARP or RRP designation.

Where do I find industry statistics?  

You can find general statistics in AIF's Timeshare Database, or find out more by ordering from our research library or contacting ARDA’s Research Director Lan Wang, 202-207-1140.

How do I download publications online?  

Simply order the publication you would like from our research library and if available electronically, we can email you a PDF format that you can download. For questions or immediate assistance, contact Charles Brown, 202-207-1157.

If I join and pay now, what period of time is covered?  

Joining ARDA during the current fiscal year, you would only receive an invoice for the balance reflecting the period from the end of your first year to the end of the current billing period, September 30.  In all cases, you would be credited one full calendar year for your initial membership.

I just received an invoice but I joined less than a year ago – why is that?  

ARDA’s fiscal year runs from October 1–September 30 and so the invoice brings you current for the rest of the fiscal year.

How do I advertise in Developments magazine?  

Contact Katelyn Reitz at kreitz@arda.org. 

Who do I contact to contribute an article to Developments magazine?  

Contact Kathryn Mullan, Editor & Director of Publications at 202-207-1075 or kmullan@arda.org.

How can I register for an ARDA conference or meeting?  

Please visit the Meetings section of our website for conference information and registration.

How do I cancel my ARDA membership?  

Please send an email to membership@arda.org with the name of the company or individual that is canceling their membership, the Membership ID number, and a sentence stating that you would like to cancel your ARDA membership.

What is the Producer's Club?  

These individuals are ARDA member volunteers who work towards increasing ARDA’s membership base by recruiting new members. They serve as a resource for prospective members who can provide insight from a member perspective. You can be a part of ARDA's Producers Club, to learn more click here.

How do I get extra or replacement ARDA membership certificates?  

Please fill out this duplicate certificate order form and return to ARDA via facsimile or PDF attachment. This form can be used for both duplicate certificates for the current year or for replacement certificates for prior years of membership. Please just indicate the year of membership within your request. We will process your certificate orders and mail out to you within 30 days. If you require a certificate order form to be emailed or have further questions please call 202-371-6700 or email membership@arda.org.