ARDA’s strength lies in the commitment and dedication of its volunteer leadership.  Volunteer leadership affords its members strong networking opportunities and high visibility.

Committee appointment terms are for two years.  Committee requirements include attendance at a minimum of two meetings per year, in conjunction with larger ARDA meetings.  Even if you cannot commit to a two-year timeframe, you are welcome to attend any committee meeting that is not designated “by invitation only.”

Contact the staff liaison for any specific committee for further information about participation.        

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ARDA's Committees 


The Ethics Committee oversees the administration and enforcement of the ARDA Code of Ethics and recommends changes to the code.
Staff LiaisonJustin Vermuth 

The Legislative and Regulatory Advisory Committee (LARPAC) addresses regulatory issues affecting multi-state marketing and sales, and provides funding for efforts consistent with the LARPAC goals
Staff LiaisonChris Stewart  

The Reputation Management Council works with ARDA and industry executive leadership to create communication strategies that aim to enhance the industry reputation.
Staff Liaison: Peter Roth 

The Reputation Management Committee works with the Reputation Management Council to develop and implement communications programs that reflect the defined communications strategy that aims to enhance the industry reputation.
Staff Liaison: Peter Roth 

The Finance Committee provides resources and solid industry financial data to assist members in working with lenders or finance sources.
Staff Liaison: Darla Zanini 

The ARDA Investor Relations Council works with ARDA leadership, AIF Research and the Reputation Management Council to help harmonize the various vacation ownership messages, creating a unified voice for the research and messaging delivered to the financial markets.
Staff Liaison: Peter Roth 

The ARDA-WIN Advantage aims to advocate, educate, and connect members by fostering personal and professional growth through a core focus on diversity/inclusion, mentoring, networking, and philanthropy.
Staff Liaison: Kathryn Mullan 



The ARDA Resort Owners Coalition (ARDA-ROC) educates and involves consumer owners at participating companies on industry issues.
Staff Liaison: Sandra Y. DePoy 

The Federal Issues Committee advises on issues affecting the industry which may require action by ARDA.
Staff Liaison: Sandra Y. DePoy  

The State Legislative Committee monitors and provides information on legislative and regulatory activities.
Staff Liaison: Chris Stewart 

State and Regional Committees often meet in conjunction with ARDA events, or regionally during the year. They concentrate on issues of relevance to specific regions or states. They include: ARDA-Arizona; ARDA-California; ARDA-Carolinas; ARDA-Caribbean; ARDA-Florida; ARDA-Hawaii; ARDA-Missouri; ARDA-Nevada; ARDA-New England; ARDA-Tennessee; ARDA-Virginia; and ARDA-Wisconsin.
Staff LiaisonsChris StewartJustin Vermuth, & Robert Clements  

ARDA State Government Affairs Office 
Landmark Center Two
225 E. Robinson Street, Suite 545
Orlando, FL 32801 



The Awards Committee promotes and oversees ARDA's awards and recognition program and ceremonies. This is a closed committee.
Staff Liaison: Catherine Lacey 

The Meetings Committee develops the program content and provides policy and promotion guidance for ARDA meetings. This is a closed committee.
Staff Liaisons: Catherine Lacey  and Claire Moyer 


Member Services

The Membership Development Committee develops methods of promoting and retaining membership in ARDA.
Staff Liaison: Jenny Davlin RRP

The Supplier Council provides resources and training for suppliers of goods and services for resort operations, and facilitates dialogue between purchasers and sellers.
Staff LiaisonJenny Davlin RRP  

The Construction & Design Council provides a forum for professionals in the building trades, contractors, and materials suppliers, and supports ARDA with facilities-related issues such as ADA and sustainability.
Staff LiaisonJenny Davlin RRP  

Resort Operations

The Resort Management Council identifies resort management challenges and opportunities.
Staff LiaisonJenny Davlin RRP 

The HOA Outreach Committee spearheads outreach efforts to the industry's homeowner associations.
Staff LiaisonJenny Davlin RRP

The Resort Operations Council fosters and promotes the growth and professional development of the industry's resort operations, management, and homeowner association board members and serves these constituents through education, communications, committee efforts, and advocacy. Members are the executive boards of the Construction/Design, HOA Outreach, Resort Management, and Suppliers Committees/Councils.
Staff LiaisonJenny Davlin RRP


ARDA International Foundation (AIF)

AIF Board of Trustees 

The AIF Board of Trustees manages, supervises, directs, and controls the policies and programs of the Foundation.  Members are invited to serve and must be approved by the ARDA Board of Directors.
Staff Liaison: Darla S. Zanini RRP  

AIF Education Committee 

The AIF Education Committee provides opportunities for professional growth to industry professionals and hospitality students through designations programs, university partnerships and on-line educational courses.
Staff LiaisonDarla Zanini 

AIF Research Committee 

The AIF Research Committee recommends research projects, assists in vendor selection and helps shape research surveys and reports.
Staff LiaisonLan Wang 


ARDA Forums

The Fractional and Private Residence Club Forum 
Staff Liaison: Darla Zanini RRP 

The Resales Forum addresses resale issues in a constructive manner.
Staff Liaison: Darla Zanini RRP 

The Sales and Marketing Forum examines industry sales and marketing practices and the best approaches for changing and improving them.
Staff Liaison: Darla Zanini RRP 

The Technology Forum monitors and evaluates emerging technologies and technological trends and provides ARDA members with information about them.
Staff Liaison: Brian Kaltenbaugh 

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