ARDA-WIN Committee Leadership

The ARDA WIN Committee works to expand membership benefits and plan member events. These leaders also work with other ARDA committees to ensure the goals of ARDA WIN are carried out. ARDA WIN committee members also make themselves available to engage in dialogue with other members who are working to develop their industry skills.  

Current ARDA WIN Committee members include: 

Fiona Downing - Committee Chair 
Joy T. Powers, RRP – Vice Chair 
Georgi Bohrod, RRP
Lena G. Combs CPA, RRP 
Laurie Cox-Hansen, RRP
Debbie Ely, RRP
Amy Gregory, Ph.D., RRP
Melanie Gring
Lani Kane-Hanan, RRP
Robert A. Kobek, RRP
Barbie LaMothe, RRP 
Kimberly Marshall
Ginger Matsukawa, RRP
Delaina M. Probus-Staley
Anna Sosinsky RRP
Julie Thompson
Ilene Youngblood
Alana Wittig
Darla S. Zanini, RRP – ARDA Staff Liaison 

For more information on the ARDA WIN Advantage Committee, please contact Darla Zanini