ARDA-WIN Advantage Leadership

The ARDA-WIN Advantage Committee works to expand membership benefits and plan member events. These leaders also work with other ARDA committees to ensure the goals of ARDA-WIN Advantage are carried out. ARDA-WIN Advantage committee members also make themselves available to engage in dialogue with other members who are working to develop their industry skills. 

Current ARDA-WIN Advantage Committee members include::

Georgi Bohrod, RRP
Laurie Cox-Hansen, RRP
Fiona Downing
Debbie Ely, RRP
Kathy Foster, RRP
Amy Gregory, Ph.D., RRP
Melanie Gring
Lani Kane-Hanan, RRP
Robert A. Kobek, RRP
Kimberly Marshall
Ginger Matsukawa, RRP
Delaina M. Probus-Staley
Rebecca S. Smith, Esq.
Anna Sosinsky RRP
Julie Thompson
Ilene Youngblood
Alana Wittig
Darla S. Zanini, RRP – ARDA staff liaison

For more information on the ARDA-WIN Advantage Committee, please contact Darla Zanini